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Welcome at Busman !

Busman specializes in assisting you with your purchase of a car in Europe, mostly collectable 4x4's like the VW T3 syncro , Land Rover Defender , Mercedes G and Toyota Land Cruiser. We also regularly help people to buy and ship Porsche Diesel tractors. We buy them for you all over Europe and ship them RoRo all over the world from the nearby port of Zeebruges in Belgium, Europe's leading car shipping port.

With the " CAR BUYINGSERVICE" Busman offers a unique service to those looking for a classic 4x4. On the pages "CARS FOR SALE" you will find possible interesting cars for sale in Europe. When you are interested in one of these cars, we can assist you in the purchase.

On the "DROP ZONE"  page you will see you can also buy a car in th EU yourself and just drop it off at Busman to ship it worldwide. 

When you visit the "BUY & DRIVE" page you will see you can ask Busman to go andbuy a car form you all over Europe and get it licenced and insured on your name so you can travel the continent in it for 1 month till up to 1 full year prior to having Busman shiping it worldwide.

On the "ROOF SERVICE" page you will find a list of Reimo roofs we can have installed on a Transporter prior to shipping, no matter if we went to get the car for you or if someone took it to our Drop Zone

Read the page "SCAM SELLERS and FAKE BUYERS" if you don't want to end empty handed when buying or selling a car.

Download the app "VANALERT" to find workshops worldwide, recommanded campsites and report stolen vans

Read the INFO PAGES to learn more about some of your favorite vans and send us more info on them if you like us to share !