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This is exclusively for people using our "Buy it for you service" to get a car. 

Reimo in Germany has a very nice assortment. For the T3 they still have roofs available and brand new interiors.

The problem is that Reimo only sells in Germany, you can't have parts shipped e.g. to the UK, Japan, the US or Canada.

When you use Busman's "Buy it for you service" to get you a car we can now sell you Reimo parts to go with it ! It's NOT meant to buy a full container of parts, only extra parts to go with the car you bought with our help.

Please mind that this service is exclusively for our " Buy it for you service clients" and only to order parts to go with the car, we don't send out parts !

So if you use our service to get you a car, ask for our Exell with a choice of Reimo parts. This list doesn't exclude the rest of their assortment.