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Busman can have your doka or doka syncro converted to WOLF6, a stretched double cab with 6 wheels !

The conversion is done in Germany by Wolf Dietzel and, if needed, the car will first be re registered in Germany to get the conversion TUV approved and written on the "Fahrzeugbrief", which is the title of the car.

Wolf can do this with a 2wd or a syncro. The rear wheels won't get propulsion.

For this you need a good double cab, which can be sourced by Busman if you want, and a second donor car of which we need the rear only. You can stick to the original engine or you can have it converted as well, e.g. with an Audi engine

Once the conversion is done we can ship worldwide.

Price for the conversion starts at about 9000 euro. Plus costs for sourcing, transporting and shipping off course.