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Busman specializes in assistance in buying Volkswagen T3 syncro's and other classic 4x4 vans. With the " BUY IT FOR YOU SERVICE" Busman offers a unique service to those looking for a classic 4x4 van. On the page "4X4 VANS FOR SALE" you will find possible interesting cars for sale in Europe. When you are interested in one of these cars, we can assist you in the purchase.

We can help you to buy cars  from all over Europa and ship them around the world !

Basically you pay me for spending my weekends travelling europe testing cars I love, and for helping you to get it to your place. 

Apart from the cars that are on the cars for sale page, you can also search on the net for yourself and ask Busman to go and buy a car in your name. So actually I don't buy and sell cars, it's more like i'm your eyes and feet in Europe. 

Here's where you can find your treasure. Happy hunting ! : Germany : Germany : France : Worldwide : Belgium : Belgium : Holland : Germany : Germany : Finland, ebay-like site Finland, auction site : Austria : Austria : Sweden :  Sweden, ebay-like site : Lithuania : Latvia :  Estonia : Finland : Norway : Spain : Spain : Denmark :  Denmark  : Poland :  Romania : Spain